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Its All Just Cooking - Taplin & Mageean Craft Gin

T&M Craft Gin We get to talk about gin a lot, every day! We get to taste quite a bit every day too as we refine our recipes and plan new launches. It came to mind the other day as we started putting the finishing touches to a new recipe for a gin to add to our existing craft gin range that in fact we are cooks pure and simple. Yes we call ourselves distillers, and we can make the gin making process sound very complicated, but at its most basic level we are cooking.  OK, there is some skill involved here, as there are good cooks and bad cooks, and even if using the best ingredients you can still...

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Heads & Tails - Our Gin Distillation Process

Our Process Here are Taplin & Mageean, we make ultra-premium craft gins. We have an almost obsessive focus on quality, as we feel that if you are going to pay for a premium gin, you should be treated to something special. If you are a member of the Craft Gin Club, other gin clubs, or if you are just a gin lover who is lucky enough to have access to an eclectic mix of gins, you will by now probably be able to tell the difference between the good, the bad and the damn right ugly! Of course, drinking gin is all a matter of taste. The best made gin may taste great to one person, and awful to the...

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What's in a Name

At Taplin & Mageean, we are premium craft gin distillers based in the Yorkshire Dales. We make London Dry Gin in the traditional way, and as such we are always emphasising what makes our gins different, and we would say better than a lot of alternatives on the market.

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