Our COVID-19 Response - OPEN AS USUAL

Despite the initial lockdown in March and subsequent restrictions as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, Taplin & Mageean has remained open for business as usual.

Distilleries have so far been exempt from restrictions on opening and trading, and we have kept a continuity of service supplying our gins direct to our customers through our website on-line ordering system, and also to retail outlets and hospitality venues that were also able to stay open.

We also diversified our production, as we wanted to do our bit. From April we produced 80% WHO approved hand sanitiser free of charge to our local NHS and front-line care workers. We have continued this supply, and the sanitiser is also now available to non-frontline workers as well.

Throughout the entire period of the pandemic we have ensured the highest levels of hygiene and have introduced decisive measures to ensure the safety of or distillery team, and members of the general public visiting our premises. We have especially focused on those of us working in the bottling, labelling, and delivery areas of the business who might come into contact with a bottle or package. These included regular hand washing, and sanitisation of work areas several times during each day. 

We’re also asking everyone to take their temperature before coming in to work each day, and anyone with a fever or cough will self-isolate for 14 days on full pay (so there’s no pressure on people to come in to work if they’re ill).

In addition to that we’ve cross training everyone so that if and when people do need to self-isolate, there’s someone ready to take their place and keep the business going.

We’re still delivering bottles to your door and our hospitality and retail partners, and we’re still here 24/7 if you need us.

We know how important being able to sit down with a good bottle of gin is at the best of times, and how much more important it is now, so we’ll continue doing everything we can to keep the drinks flowing in the coming weeks and months.

We’re going to stay open, and we’re in this for the long haul.

Until we get back to some degree of normality, stay safe and drink gin!!


Chris Young